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Re: automatic custom kernels?

On Sunday 04 December 2005 11:18, Andreas Barth wrote:
> So, my question is: Is there some way to tell "everytime a new kernels
> appears at $location, please apply all patches in $directory, and
> compile it with this and that config for me"? If not, which would be
> the way to do this?

I would think you should be able to script this yourself.

A rough procedure:
- Install the linux-source-2.6 package. This ensures that you will
  always have the most recent kernel source version installed.
- Use a cron script to check for changes in
  /usr/src/linux-source-*.tar.bz2 files
  (or maybe better: check installed package versions)
- If there is a new one or an updated one:
  - extract
  - copy current /boot/config-* to .config
  - make sure patches are available as supported by make-kpkg
  - run 'make oldconfig' (may ask questions; you'll have to work out
    how to handle that
  - use make-kpkg to build
  - send notification by mail that new kernel is available


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