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Re: kernel-package 10.001 introduced to experimental

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 05:07:43PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         This is the first of a series of updates to kernel-package
>  that have been planned for a long while now.  This first release
>  cleans up the rules file a bit, and make the./debian directory stand
>  alone, so one can apt-get source kernel-image-foo andnot need
>  kernel-package to regenerate the kernel-image package from th
>  sources. 

cool great news!
wondering could we default the stem to linux?

>         Also, this upload  incorporates the initrd handling code that
>  has seen the light in recent NMU's, with changes: I'll let the
>  changelog below speak for itself. I have compiled and am now running
>  a yaird initramfs generated by this version of the kernel-package, so
>  at least the darn thing works for me.

yaird won't help for upgrade issues from sarge regarding the 2.4 issue.
please don't forget to test initramfs-tools. jbailey is planing the 1.0 soon.
the framework is great and modularized. 
latest upload removed the mdadm and lvm2 dependency, which was done in 5
minutes each.
>         The next step I want to undertake is getting rid of the long
>  standing RC bug about  the kernel image packages not using debconf;
>  this is likely to take several versions to get done right, I
>  suspect. Once debconf work is done, I'll continue to modularize and
>  allow end users to implement their own replacements for some of the
>  modular components of the build system; more on that later.

sounds great, looking forward.

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