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Re: call for features

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 12:36:12AM +0200, Joey Hess wrote:
> The current state of d-i in unstable (and hopefully soon in testing)
> seems to be nearly releasable now to me. Most remaining issues only
> prevent some arches from being releasable yet.

Joey, what are the estimated schedule for a release ? 

There are two things that you need to be aware off for this beta you are
planing. First, we need to get either a parted 1.6.25 or a backported bugfix
out, in order t oavoid destroying vfat filesystem while resizing (not sure
about the exact details). I will not be able to do this until friday though,
but maybe leslie will be able to make the upstream release, or otavio can try
backporting the fix until then.

The second thing concerns the kernel. As you know, the 2.6 kernel now have
only one linux-2.6 source package, which means we cannot have two versions in
the same dist. We are currently working on releasing 2.6.12-9, which should
contain a number of fixes over 2.6.12-6, and it would be good to have this one
for the beta.

Furthermore, once 2.6.12-9 has migrated to testing, we are going to upload
2.6.13-1 to unstable, which i am not fully sure what the implications would be
for d-i and especially the kernel .udebs, and the beta. Maybe the best
solution would be for the beta to move the 2.6.12-9 based kernel .udebs to
testing, since this is what i believe you build the beta with, right ?

The last problem is that 2.6.13 will remove devfs support, which has
implications for d-i, altough they will probably be easy to fix, and which
also has implications the way the initrd is built, since we will drop
initrd-tools in favour of either yaird or initramfs-tools. I am using yaird
myself right now, and have to say i was really surprised by it, since it
worked out of the box without any major problem.

Then i have a question about the kernel .udeb generation, what is the build
status of those ? I get the feeling that they still get built in dispersed
order, and we don't have a guarantee what kernel is used for all arches on
each of them ? Did you come to a solution about this during the stay in
Oldenburg ?


Sven Luther

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