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Re: prepare 2.6.13

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 07:05:59PM +0200, Maik Zumstrull wrote:
> Bastian Blank wrote:
> > The following tasks needs to be done for 2.6.13:
> > - Merge of the current trees.
> > - Config updates.
> > - initrd-tools needs to loose devfs usage.
> One thing I'd like to add for the wishlist:
> Please evaluate just how broken ATAPI-over-SATA really is right now and
> consider enabling it. AFAIK other distributions have been running with
> it since 2.6.9 or something, so it can't be all bad from an end-user
> POV. And I could finally use my DVD drive without compiling my own
> kernel (which I'm too lazy to do, anyway, so I just don't use the drive).
> Suspend/Resume support for SATA devices would also be greatly
> appreciated, but I think that patch actually is badly broken.

Hi Maik,

According to correspondence that I had with Jeff Garzik the other day,
distributions enabling that option is regarded as folly by upstream
as they believe it is still too green.



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