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Re: powerpc d-i daily builds reactivated, use 2.6.12 kernels, including 64bit kernels, miboot floppies dropped for now.

On Sun, Aug 21, 2005 at 08:47:16PM -0300, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Aug 20 2005, Rick Thomas wrote:
> > Keep in mind that the *next* kernel will be even bigger.  Sooner or
> > later, even the fully modularized minimum configuration isn't going
> > fit on a single floppy.
> There is current discussion on the lkml discussing which kernels one
> should use with small systems (like old 486s and such) and the consensus
> seems to be that one should use either a 2.6 kernel (perhaps using some
> of the linux-tiny patches) or use a really ancient kernel.
> I would say that if more of the linux-tiny patches were incorporated in
> the mainline kernel, then it would be a really nice addition.

A bit of reality check here, we have around 1.3MB space on the miboot
floppies, and current compressed miboot floppies arer 1.6MB or so, so we just
need to unbloat it further 200/300kb (compressed though), which should be
possible by modularizing lot of stuff, among those the pmac-ide is a good


Sven Luther

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