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Re: kernel panic

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, pan yawen wrote:

> Hi all,
> My scsi hard disk on debian 3.0  throws errors about
> "end_quest: i/o errors ". I logged in as root and ran
> e2fsck command to fix the bad sectors. After that
> command, I got " reiserfs_read_super can not find
> reiserfs on sd (8:1),
> Kernel panic VFS, fs can not be mounted" on the boot. 
that sounds as that your root fs is gone
or wrongly configured in your boot loader
does it have also the initrd line?
> I tried boot from bootdisk and did not fix the
> problem.  
> Is reformatting the hard disk only way to solve the
> problem? Please help. I do not want lose the
> customized configuration on this debian box. :(

if you care about your data you shouldn't use reiserfs in the first place.
it's not a reliable fs.
only latest version tries some error checking.

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