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Re: Bug#319878: kernel-image-2.6-686: the entire range of 2.6 deb ian kernels do not install on m/cs with <= 48mb RAM

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 11:56:21AM -0300, Humberto Massa Guimar?es wrote:
> ** Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton ::
> > telling people to "roll their own" kernel (mr horms) isn't an
> > acceptable option, either.  i may be able to do that (mr horms)
> > but other people won't be able to.
> > 
> > you going (mr horms) to tell me and people like me that i
> > should throw away perfectly good hardware????
> This was less than polite.
  so is out-of-hand dismissal of bug reports that clearly indicate a
  lack of thought and foresight, and such dismissal causes me to pretty
  much see red.

> > possible solutions:
> > 
> > * fix the bloody 2.6 kernel so it doesn't use so much damn memory.
> > 
> > * fix the debian-specific, debian-created and debian-responsible
> >   initrd ramdisk so it doesn't require so much damn memory.
> > 
> > * provide an alternate "compact" ramdisk if fixing the "default"
> >   ramdisk isn't a viable option.
> Remember Debian is a volunteer-driven organization. Implement the features you need yourself and then ask (politely) for the inclusion of your contribution. Or, you can ask (more politely still) for someone more knowledgeable than you (like Horms) to implement one of your suggestions. But what you should NOT do is to demand features like your e-mail seemed to.
 if you read it carefully, you will note that the wording
 doesn't make any demands.  it _does_ however hint at some socially
 uncomfortable responsibilities.

 my bug report invites you to consider the impact that such
 a policy decision "roll your own or install 2.4 on anything
 with <= 48mb of ram", made by mr horms, will have on the
 debian project.

 when the 2.4 kernel is no longer maintained / supported
 by debian, in oh [wild guess] 2-3 years time, anyone not
 sufficiently technically competent who is using debian on
 such older hardware is left completely shafted.

 the machine which i cannot put a standard debian 2.6 kernel
 on is somewhere around a P90 or P150 i forget which and don't
 care which.

 anyone who is still installing debian linux on this kind of
 hardware is going to be either extremely technically competent
 or is going to be extremely poor or both.

 as a technically aware expert like yourselves, i am perfectly
 capable of "rolling my own" or "installing 2.4".

 other people less fortunate than you, myself or mr horms, can do no
 such thing.

 such people RELY on us to get these things right.

 _that's_ what makes me so xxxxing angry and that's why i re-raised the
 bug report.


 p.s. 2.4 kernels don't support udev or hotplug.  what happens
 in two-three years time when packages start to critically
 depend on udev and hotplug?

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