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Bug#318955: /etc/init.d/initrd-tools.sh should run umount with "-n" option

Package: initrd-tools
Severity: minor

/etc/init.d/initrd-tools.sh runs at S:S05initrd-tools.sh before the
root filesystem has been remounted read-write at S10checkroot.sh.
All the umount commands in the script should include the "-n" option
so that there is no attempt to write the mtab file at this stage.
umount proceeds despite failure to open mtab for writing, but this
behavior of the current umount program should not be relied upon.

jdthood@turmeric:/mnt/hda6/etc/rcS.d$ grep umount S05initrd-tools.sh
        trap 'umount -n /proc' EXIT
        umount /initrd/dev || exit
umount /initrd || exit

Thomas Hood

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