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Feedback from DebConf5 Talk

Thanks to dilinger/horms/josk/svenl for sitting up front & providing the
real content to backup my slides :)

What all feedback did you get afterwards?  One comment I heard was that
users would like to have _every_ kernel-image have a different name, so
that they can always have the last kernel as a fallback.  The user
mentioned that RedHat does something like this.

I noted that that means a NEW queue change for every upload, and forces
users to rebuild modules for every kernel.  Afterwards, I also realized
this causes a problem with building up cruft on a user's system as
upgrades come in.

For debian kernels I provide for my day job, we do roll the package name
each time for the fallback reason as well, so I do see potential value
in doing so in Debian - it'd be cool if it were a kernel-img.conf

Also, during the talk, the expected questions about making it easier for
kernel-patch/kernel-modules package to track kernel-source uploads came

dann frazier <dannf@dannf.org>

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