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Bug#317787: kernel-source-2.6.10: md memory leak

> no 2.6.10 is unsupported, we are switching to 2.6.12 atm
> there is some delay due to the new unified packaging,
> but if you just need x86 version you can test those out:
> http://charm.itp.tuwien.ac.at/~mattems/
> anyway please report back if 2.6.12 works for you?

Stay tuned. The system that was having the problem with 2.6.10 is an SMP
alpha box, but I usually build my own kernels anyway so I downloaded the
src.deb from your site and I'll try it out. Probably a few days until I
can see what it does. I bet the problem I'm whining about here is fixed,
since it was in 2.6.11. :-)

BTW, I have been avoiding 2.6.11 because sooner or later (5 minutes to
24 hours or so after booting) I start seeing SCSI underflow errors which
repeat infinitely and things on the system begin to progressively lock

Let me know how you want to handle it -- my thought is to consider this
problem closed and I will open a new report on 2.6.12 if I see SCSI
errors again. (I don't feel it is a hardware issue as I have no problems
at all with this on 2.6.10 and earlier.) I just don't know if you want
an official bug report or just an email from me.



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