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Bug#317787: kernel-source-2.6.10: md memory leak

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, R. Scott Bailey wrote:

> The attached patch against 2.6.10-5, due to Neil Brown, corrects a
> problem in 2.6.10 which causes the md driver to leak bios -- eventually
> resulting in a OOM condition. The problem appears to have been corrected
> upstream for 2.6.11, but my system hates that version :-) so I would
> like to see this backported if you release additional 2.6.10 updates. I
> have been running this patch on my system for over 4 days with no sign
> of the slab growth that was forcing me to reboot a couple times a week
> previously.
> Thanks,
>   Scott Bailey
>   scott.bailey@eds.com

no 2.6.10 is unsupported, we are switching to 2.6.12 atm
there is some delay due to the new unified packaging,
but if you just need x86 version you can test those out:
> --- drivers/md/md.c.orig	2005-02-07 15:44:50.000000000 -0500
> +++ drivers/md/md.c	2005-07-06 10:55:56.000000000 -0400
missing one level deeper,
as for usual kernel patches. ;-)

anyway please report back if 2.6.12 works for you?


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