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Bug#251023: mkinitrd is already adapted to add the DSDT

On Friday 01 July 2005 11:42, A Mennucc wrote:
> hi there
> I am very interested in patches for custom DSDT support (I own
> an ASUS notebook which has a broken DSDT, so ACPI suspend does not work;
> and there is a fixed DSDT in acpi.sf.net that I would love to try);
> I hope that they would accepted in Debian's shipped kernel
> (see bug 251023).
> So I want to point a very important fact: the command /usr/sbin/mkinitrd
> in Debian Sarge already supports those patches: at the end it
> sports the lines
> if [ -e /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT ]; then
>        echo -n "INITRDDSDT123DSDT123" >>${initrd_file}
>        cat /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT >>${initrd_file}
> fi
> so the Debian user would just need to put the fixed DSDT in
>  /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT and it would be included in mkinitrd, and ....
> (as soon as the patch is accepted in default Debian kernels)....
> it would be loaded at startup: easy and clean.
> I guess that for the above mkinitrd snippet , we would need the patch
> http://gaugusch.at/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patches/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patch-v0.7d-2.
>6.9.patch (for kernel >= 2.6.9 )  and the patch
> http://gaugusch.at/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patches/acpi-dsdt-initramfs-fix-2.6.10-
>cleanup.patch (for kernel == 2.6.10 )
> Unfortunately this  last patch fails on the standard kernel in Sarge, that
> is 2.6.8 ... I will need to look into it ..
> a.

I agree that this would be useful.  When I raised it several months ago
I was told that this INITRD method was not the prefered route in the
kernel currently as they prefer the route of statically linking the DSDT
into the kernel.  I think this is daft as most people do not want to get
involved in building kernels.  Actually I think that while this method is
better than a whole kernel build that really the best solution would be
to modify the kernel and LILO/GRUB/whatever_boot_loader to take a 
file name for the DSDT and then all that is needed is to create the 
file - much easier for Joe User.

The problem obviously is that this has to be done VERY early in the
kernel boot process so no solution is going to be trivial, but it must
be as easy as possible for Joe User as many laptops have these 


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