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Bug#251023: mkinitrd is already adapted to add the DSDT

On Fri, 01 Jul 2005, A Mennucc wrote:

> I am very interested in patches for custom DSDT support (I own
> an ASUS notebook which has a broken DSDT, so ACPI suspend does not work;
> and there is a fixed DSDT in acpi.sf.net that I would love to try);
> I hope that they would accepted in Debian's shipped kernel
> (see bug 251023).
> So I want to point a very important fact: the command /usr/sbin/mkinitrd
> in Debian Sarge already supports those patches: at the end it 
> sports the lines
> if [ -e /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT ]; then
>        echo -n "INITRDDSDT123DSDT123" >>${initrd_file}
>        cat /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT >>${initrd_file}
> fi
> so the Debian user would just need to put the fixed DSDT in 
>  /etc/mkinitrd/DSDT and it would be included in mkinitrd, and ....
> (as soon as the patch is accepted in default Debian kernels)....
> it would be loaded at startup: easy and clean.
> I guess that for the above mkinitrd snippet , we would need the patch 
> http://gaugusch.at/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patches/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patch-v0.7d-2.6.9.patch
> (for kernel >= 2.6.9 )  and the patch 
> http://gaugusch.at/acpi-dsdt-initrd-patches/acpi-dsdt-initramfs-fix-2.6.10-cleanup.patch
> (for kernel == 2.6.10 )

do i understand you correctly that it works with 2.6.11?
> Unfortunately this  last patch fails on the standard kernel in Sarge, that is
> 2.6.8 ... I will need to look into it .. 

security updates will land in that kernel,
wouldn't expect more.


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