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Re: SCSI MPT drivers - why compiled as a module?

Is there a database of required modules needed to support shipping hardware from major vendors such as HP, Dell, etc?  I assume SuSE & Dell might have such a list?

A Wiki might even suffice, associating specific hardware with tested kernels.

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From: Rafal Jankowski <rafj@doraco.pl>
Date: Saturday, Jun 4, 2005 4:48 pm
Subject: SCSI MPT drivers - why compiled as a module?


I am using Dell Power Edge 400SC server with SCSI controller which uses MPT drivers and I can not boot it from the Debian kernel.
I would like to ask debian-kernel developers if it is possible to compile in the future SCSI MPT drivers directly into the kernel
(CONFIG_FUSION option for 2.6.x and for 2.4.x CONFIG_FUSION and

Rafal Jankowski
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