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Kernel install


I'm writing to you regarding some kernel installation
problems and I would like to apologies if I'm sending
it on wrong address :-(.

I have some problems installing new kernel 2.6.x on my
laptop. I have Knoppix 3.4 installed on FujitsuSiemens
Amilo pro V2000 laptop and it came with kernel 2.4.26
and 2.6.6 after the installation.

These are the features of the system: Intel i855GM
chipset with integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 with
TV out, Celeron M 340 1,5 GHz processor, 256 MB
Samsung DDR SDRAM, IrDA port, 3xUSB, 1xFireWire port,
1xPCMCIA slot, Wireless network card, ... A lot of
things to make working!!!
I have WindowsXP installed also and I have two NTFS
partitions. I have also two linux partitions and one
swap partition. My linux boot partition is reiserfs
and i have ext3 on my second(home) partition.

In order to have better driver support, I wanted to
install 2.6.11 kernel (kernel 2.6.6 is without source
code or kernel headers so I couldn't install some
drivers that need this). 
After the installation of the 2.6.11 kernel, I
configured and compiled it and than I installed the
modules. I followed some procedures I found on
internet about installing and compiling the kernel 2.6
but something went wrong. When rebooting with the new
kernel I get blank screen!!(thanks god I have Knoppix
so I can boot in some of the other kernels).

I configured the kernel with xconfig from scratch (I
mean I didn't load already existing kernel config
file). During the configuration I included the support
for both of the file systems I have directly in the
kernel (I know this is the most common mistake when
configuring kernel) and for others FS as modules. I
also included the new kernel path (vmlinuz and initrd
image) in the /etc/lilo.conf file. I'm not able to
attach my 2.6.11-config and lilo.conf files at this
moment but I can provide them if needed (or some other
files as well).
The only thing I could think of was the initrd.conf
file. In this file there is a line where the initrd
image is made with ext2 support and I have reiserfs on
my boot partition. Maybe this is my problem but I'm
not shure. I tried to do something with mkinitrd but
without any success.

I did a lot of internet searching in the past week or
two and I read thousands of lines about this but I get
more and more confused about all this thing. Could you
help my please with some detailed instructions about
kernel installation procedure on Knoppix(Debian)
systems or give me some useful links? Or maybe some
clue what was wrong with the whole install procedure?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and


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