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Bug#304071: Boot fails on IBM RS/6000 Model 43P-140 (PreP)

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On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, Peter De Schrijver wrote:

> Package: kernel-image-2.6.8-powerpc
> Version: 2.6.8-12
> Severity: important
> The kernel image fails to boot on IBM RS/6000 Model 43P-140, which is a PreP
> machine. The kernel doesn't post any message on the console. A self-compiled 
> works fine. Note that I use serial console as the IBM graphics board
> is not supported by Linux.
can you test 2.6.10 or 2.6.11 from the unstable debian archive?
there should also be a 2.6.9 in snapshot.debian.net.
would be nice sine when it works, if debian builds don't break it..

thanks for your feedback

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