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Re: <rant> Vendors and kernel driver source that will not compile with Debian </rant>

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 07:31:55AM -0500, Michael Lueck wrote:
> We are talking about the MegaRAID ATA133 card from LSI Logic / also used in
> some Compaq servers. Though the driver is GPL'ed it contains a binary library,

thus it's certainly not GPLed, because including a binary blob
contradicts the GPL.

> thus I believe the reason for its exclusion from being a kernel driver. (Don't
> totally follow that logic since LSI GPL'ed it - maybe the kernel folks truly
> are picky eaters for what they will include)

huh, why should we include a driver with blobs (despite the license
making it illegal to distribute)?  That's against the whole point of
open source software.

Anyway, The MegaRAID ATA133 I saw was software raid only and the actual
controllers could be used with the kernel piix driver.

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