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Re: upgrading i386 kernel on AMD64

Christian T. Steigies wrote:

Yup, that worked great! But in addition to the sata driver, I also had to
add scsi_mod and sd_mod. Works great now, only I had to change the fstab to
use sda instead of hde. So in case I want to boot the install kernel again,
I am screwed, or is there a way to use a specific fstab depending on your
kernel-version? But then the netinstall CDs do not provide the resue option
anymore AFAIK, I might not need the install kernel anymore.

In RedHat I have seen config lines in fstab like

LABEL=root	/	ext3	defaults	0 1

or something similar. If you label your root partition
"root", then it shouldn't matter whether its /dev/sda1
or /dev/hda1.

Debian's man page for fstab says its supported, but I
haven't tried it.

Good luck


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