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Re: upgrading i386 kernel on AMD64

Christian T. Steigies wrote:
I have installed Debian-i386 and Debian-amd64 on a new machine. For the i386
install I used a sarge snapshot from July, which worked great. Only this
installed a 2.6.6 kernel, which I'd like to update to 2.6.8. On the AMD64
installation, I simply installed new debian kernel-images and everything is
fine. when I try the same on the i386 install, however, those new kernels do
not boot, I tried 2.6.8-1-386, 2.6.8-1-k7, 2.4.26-1-386, and even a self
compiled 2.6.8 starting with the (working) 2.6.6 config.

The problem is, the kernel does not find the root filesystem, since it does
not detect the harddisk. This box (ASUS K8V mainboard) has one SATA disk
connected to the VIA VT8237 RAID controller, the Promise 20376 is not used,
the IDE controller is only used for the DVD. The i386 install kernel sees
the SATA disk fine, and detects it as hde. The AMD64 kernels sees the disk
as sda. All newer i386 kernels, the ones provided by debian, as well as
self-built, do not see the SATA disk at all, and I wonder why, and how to
fix this.

Probably your sata driver is not loaded at boot time.
Is this the same problem as in #263169?

Maybe this helps: Add the name of your sata driver to
/etc/mkinitrd/modules and rebuild the initrd, e.g. by
reinstalling the kernel package.



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