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kernel-source-2.4.27 uploaded


as the ACCEPTED messages should tell you 2.4.27-4 has been uploaded.
This should not require a rebuild at all; however, if you have CONFIG_TIGON3 in your config, it may be best to rebuild if users are reporting weird problems with it. (pci_name(&tp->pdev) was used instead of pci_name(tp->pdev). Ugh.)

It seems that hppa, i386 (which I'll deal with shortly, it warrants a rebuild anyway for some possible USB fixes that a user is having), alpha, and ia64 might be affected by this bug.

Really, though, it should only affect people who use the tg3 firmware, as far as I can tell. The error was in tg3_request_firmware.

So rebuild and reupload against kernel-tree-2.4.27-4 as you see fit, maintainers. Sorry for this inconvenience. [1]

Note that the firmwareless tg3 patch applied in 2.4.26-6 is not affected at all, it was detected and fix before the package got uploaded.

Joshua Kwan

[1] May i note that mips does not yet use kernel-tree-2.4.xx-n for their
    Build-Depends.. you should do so soon.. ;)

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