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Re: Open a discussion about bug 253324

Alle 09:54, giovedì 01 luglio 2004, Jens Schmalzing ha scritto:

> Psychology aside, there are two technical reasons for not integrating
> this kernel patch.
> One: It works exclusively with vesafb and this sucks.  But let's
> assume for the moment that we all have nothing but i386 hardware and
> continue to

Really good point for debian.

> # head -2 /initrd/loadmodules
> modprobe -k  vesafb > /dev/null 2>&1
> modprobe -k  fbcon 2> /dev/null
> Nothing stops you from loading pretty pictures at this point (or not
> load the drivers at all, then XFree86 will be the first thing you
> see), but as Herbert rightly said, this can be done from userspace.

Nice one, so just mkinitrd, maybe with an optional field, could be telled to 
support the bootsplash feature, all we need then is to have a userspace 
software that displays a picture and maybe update a progress bar according to 
the rc scripts that are being processed. Does already exists such software in 

I saw ppmtofb that can display pictures on frame buffer, but what about a 
progress bar?

Marco Amadori <elessar@dei.unipd.it>

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