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Re: Add back beep support to snd-powermac]

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 05:00:54PM -0500, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > Christoph, i am not really sure i care all that much for this "please
> > let's it included upstream first" philosophy. It let the control over
> > what we will have or not in the debian kernel totally out of our hand,
> > which is not something i am 100% confortable with.
> This is also the way other distro works except in critical release
> situations which isn't the case for a patch like that.
> Get it upstream first.

Well, given that it has been almost a year since i first tried pushing
the pegasos patch to you, i doubt the wisdom of that somewhat. Other
distros mostly only support x86 and have an easier time trusting
upstream, and with the threads i have seen here where it was suggested
we get this or that from the suse or redhat tree, i wonder if your
affirmation is right.

Anyway, it is a question of dogma over flexibility. What is the harm in
having something temporary in while we are preparing the release, and
pushing it upstream at the same time. If by the time the release is
almost there, we see it won't be pushed upstream, there is always time
to remove said patch or not, and there have been buggier patches in the
kernel-source package before, see the swusp-modular story for example.


Sven Luther

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