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suggestion for new kernel stuff

Currently, kernel boot args are set in lilo and grub specific locations. 
It would be nice if there was a central location for boot loaders to pull
kernel args.  I'd recommend something like /etc/kernel/.  The goals would
be to allow packages to set kernel args and bootloader options (ie, devfsd
may want to set "devfs=mount", selinux packages may want to enable or
disable selinux in the kernel, and so on) for all packages.  Also, another
layer on top of that would allow setting of kernel args and bootloader
options for specific kernels (so a kernel-image package could set
initrd=/initrd-<version>, and kernels compiled by admins that don't have
initrds wouldn't have that set).  Is something like this already planned? 
It would be nice to have lilo.conf and menu.lst automatically regenerated
after a kernel upgrade, without having to have the admin edit the file(s),
as they currently have to do.


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