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Re: split patches for kernel-patch-debian

Manoj wrote:
> At the very least, make-kpkg can do something like looking
> for ./debian/patches dir and apply patches found there for official
> kernels, or if the user has asked for those patches to be added.
Hm.  I'm not sure it'd be a good idea to have the official kernels use
special mechanisms.  The issue about the ACL patch seems to show that this
can cause problem when mixing the kernel-patch*.deb approach with a
seemingly simpler mechanism.

IIRC, Herbert was not willing to have kernel-image* build-depend on
kernel-patch-debian because it was more work for him.  But now that many
people seem to be ready to work on improving things, maybe it's time to

BTW, this counts as me volunteering to help, although I may only have time
to lend a hand here and there.

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