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kernel-source-2.2.26, kernel-kbuild-2.6-2

two questions which I hope are on topic for this list.

Will there be a kernel-source-2.2.26 package?

What is the purpose of the kernel-kbuild-2.6-x packages?

Description: Linux kernel 2.6 kbuild tools
  This package provides kbuild tools for Linux kernel 2.6.  It is used together
  with the kernel-headers packages to build out-of-tree kernel modules.

-1 happened to end up on one of my buildds, and the build failed, do I have
to worry? AFAIK there are no out-of-tree kernel modules on m68k, so maybe we
don't need this right now? I don't say there never will be such modules on
m68k, you never know which machine is coming back from the dead next...


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