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Postpone update


If you have not yet updated to most recent Qt 5.15.8+dfsg-6 and are 
still on 5.15.8+dfsg-3 or something like that, I suggest you postpone 
the upgrade.

There are issues with Plasma with most recent Qt 5.15.8+dfsg-6. I am 
aware of the following two:

1) Screen cannot be locked. After locking screen desktop is basically 
frozen but still shown.

2) Krunner segfaults, thus neither Alt-Space and in case still configure 
Alt-F2 will work.

There may be other issues.

Debian Qt/KDE Team is aware of it. No need to report it.

I do not know any further details and the version number for the last 
working version above is just a rough bet.


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