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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

Le 25 janvier 2023 17:07:14 GMT+01:00, Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> a écrit :
>Aurélien COUDERC - 25.01.23, 11:21:01 CET:
>> >Could you check with the lxqt that they do the rebuild quickly enough
>> >that we don't break more things ?
>> Actually don't, there are more packages involved, I'm handling this
>> with the release team to fix the situation.
>> Thank for raising the issue.
>Thanks, Aurélien.
>I am not in a hurry. Basically I just installed lxqt to have some 
>desktop at hand in case Plasma would not start up for some reason. 

When is the last time this actually happens ?

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