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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

On Wednesday, 25 January 2023 10:47:54 CET bagattin jerome wrote:
>  I have the following error when I try to launch tileseditor
> (META+T): janv. 25 08:18:54 debian kwin_wayland_wrapper[952]: Failed to
> load QUrl("file:///usr/share/kwin/effects/tileseditor/qml/main.qml"):
> (file:///usr/share/kwin/effects/tileseditor/qml/main.qml:15:1: 

That is in kwin-data ...

> module "org.kde.KWin.Effect.WindowView" is not installed
> I can't find org.kde.KWin.Effect.WindowView module, 
> I certainly miss something  or dependencies are missing ?

... but this one doesn't seem to exist according to `apt-file search`.
My guess is that it's in KWin's upstream src/effects/windowview/ directory.

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