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Re: plasmashell crashes

Erwan David - 08.01.23, 12:58:56 CET:
> > Apper is somewhat similar to Discover, but I am not sure whether it
> > is even maintained by upstream anymore.
> However it is apper which used to display in systray when upgrades or
> security upgrades were available.

Hmmm, I thought I would still be getting update notifications even 
without apper. At least I still have an "Updates" entry in systray 

Need to check whether those update available messages still popup. I do 
not care much about those, as I use apt on command line often enough to 
upgrade the machine and there is something new daily in unstable anyway. 
At least when I click the "Updates" icon it opens Discover. But right 
now nothing to update here, so… no idea whether it pops up by itself 
currently. But I thought it was.

For what it is worth, both Apper and Discover depend on Packagekit which 
AFAIK does the heavy lifting underneath.

I thought Discover could fully replace Apper.

And when I look at the git commit history of Apper, I get the impression 
it is not really maintained anymore since at least 2019 or even longer:


Except for some build failure and crash bug fixes.

Anyway, if Plasmashell currently crashes with it, I will not have it on 
my system. Simple as that.


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