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Re: Kind request to package kpart-webkit for modern Debian versions

On 09.05.2022 23:29, Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
The package was removed from Debian for a specific reason : it's dependency on Qt4 :

Since it seems to have been ported to Qt5 / KF5 in the meantime I see no technical reason why it shouldn't be reintegrated into Debian.

However this is still a relatively niche use case and the Qt/KDE Team in Debian is generally more interested in on-boarding more contributors than more packages. 😉

So if you want to see it back I'd advise you fork the repo and start getting the package up to date with upstream and Debian standards, so we can review and upload your work to the archive. Feel free to join #debian-qt-kde on IRC and ask for help/review.

Could you clarify which upstream are you referring to? This package is a standard KDE package, not a third-party one.


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