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Re: KDE/Wayland just a black screen with a cursor.

Hello Valerio

Some very important informations are missing.
You totally forgot to tell us which version(s) are in use on your hardware. And which hardware too. ;-)

Xavier Brochard xavier@alternatif.org
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Le 05.05.2022 18:42, Valerio Passini a écrit :

I've difficulties in making KDE+Wayland work .
My system is Debian Unstable with Radeon (open source drivers) and the
KDE+W combination worked in the past, now all I get is a black screen with a moving cursor and a lot of crashing stuff. Even if I login in a new clean
account the problem is the same.
On the other side GNOME+Wayland works as it should.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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