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Re: Kontact/KOrganizer calendars not synching

On 2022-05-02 10:42, Herbert-Schwarzer wrote:
Google sync's broken for everyone. Something about Google changing the API
or something. I don't believe there's a timeline to fix.
It's been fixed for a couple of weeks now!
For me running Debian 11Bullseye it ist not fixed. Debian/Bookworm I confirm fix
- an am running it in a Virtual Machine.
So can we see a FIX of this problem in Debian Bullseye (maybe via backports in
Debian ??)
Greetings by Herbert

You can install the package from testing but it might break something else. However, given that the calendar doesn't work at all in Bullseye, it might be worth doing. I rally only use the calendar function so for me,  it would have to really mess up something unrelated to Kontact for it not to be worth doing.

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