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Plasma 5.24 coming to Bookworm/testing


On the 14h apt update 'round' I noticed the following packages became 
bluedevil drkonqi kactivitymanagerd kde-config-sddm kgamma5 kinfocenter 
kmenuedit konsole konsole-kpart kscreen ksshaskpass kwayland-integration 
kwrited layer-shell-qt libkf5baloowidgets-bin libkf5baloowidgets5 
libkf5screen-bin libkf5screen7 liblayershellqtinterface5 libokular5core9 
libpam-kwallet-common libpam-kwallet5 libssh2-1 milou okular okular-extra-
backends plasma-disks plasma-nm plasma-pa polkit-kde-agent-1 yakuake

Which is ~ 30 packages, but the whole of 5.24 is 100+ IIRC, so only a part has 
transitioned to testing now. So doing an (full-)upgrade *now* is probably not 
a good idea. Wait a few days or when it looks like all packages are available 
to prevent getting a version mismatch and any problems that may arise from it.

Unless you know how to deal with potential problems and want to see if you can 
potentially help improve things, then now could be a good time to break your 
installation and help figuring out how to fix it ;-) 


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