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KDE Frameworks 5.82.0-1 available (Experimental)

Hi all,

I've upgraded to Frameworks 5.82.0-1.

Below an edited transcript of what went well and what didn't.

Your suggestions about the right way to do it are welcome.


<Alice> 5.82.0-1: apt update; apt -t unstable dist-upgrade; apt install -t 
experimental plasma-desktop plasma-framework
<Alice> First run didn't work: plasmashell 100% cpu forever, had to reboot.
<Alice> Second run seems okay.
<Bob> Do you have mixed versions?
<Bob> I'm not sure whether that upgraded all packages to 5.21.5 or 5.82
<Bob> Assuming you have the latest Plasma 5.21.5 installed, make sure no 
5.21.4 packages are left: `dpkg -l | grep 5.21.4`
<Bob> Similarly for the frameworks.
<Alice> dpkg -l | grep -F "5.21.4" | wc -l ==> 72; dpkg -l | grep -F "5.21.5" 
| wc -l ==> 13
<Alice> What did I do wrong?
<Bob> Upgrading one package to 5.21.5 does not automatically upgrade all 
<Alice> So you would recommend this sort of command? `apt install -t 
experimental $( dpkg -l | grep 5.20.5 | awk '/^ii/ {print $2}' )`
<Bob> It's the easiest for me. When you run stable/testing/unstable, you don't 
have this problem, because we usually upload all packages at once and 
everything will then be upgraded.
<Alice> First thing would then be: `apt install -t experimental $( dpkg -l | 
grep 5.21.4 | awk '/^ii/ {print $2}' )`
<Alice> Running now the above line
<Alice> dpkg -l | grep -F "5.21.4" | wc -l ==> 0
<Alice> dpkg -l | grep -F "5.21" | grep -v -F "5.21.5"  ==> two packages with 
version numbers 5.212.0~alpha4-11 => unrelated
<Bob> Sounds good.
<Alice> Now verifying for framework
<Alice> dpkg -l | grep -F "5.78" | wc -l ==> 119
<Alice> dpkg -l | grep -F "5.78" | egrep -v 'libkf5|qml-mod' ==> it's all KDE 
<Alice> apt install -t experimental $( dpkg -l | grep -F "5.78.0" | awk '/^ii/ 
{print $2}' )
<Alice> dpkg -l | egrep "5\.(78|79|80|81)" | wc -l ==> 0
<Alice> I should reboot now.

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