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Re: KDE Frameworks 5.81.0 available (Experimental)

Hi Chris

I use Plasma etc. stuf from Experimental and plan to use it along the way, until it arrives in Sid, testing, etc.  The default on my machines
is testing, I install stuf from Experimental only based on my interests, KDE being one of them, so non-KDE packages are installed from testing or sid if needed.

I install latest-and-greatest of Frameworks and Plasma, as they ought to go together, just following the upstream releases. I am very satisfied with de KDE packages in Debian as they are available after a couple of days of the upstream release. This allows me to follow and interact with the upstream communications on KDE while using a stable Debian environment.   I cannot thank the team enough for this!



Op za 1 mei 2021 om 16:22 schreef inkbottle <inkbottle007@gmail.com>:
On Wednesday, April 14, 2021 11:03:32 PM CEST Luc Castermans wrote:
> My computer just pulled KDE Frameworks 5.81.0 from Experimental.

I've myself switched to "Plasma 5.21.4". Like, not planing to go back.
It allows me to use kwin-wayland by fixing:


I answer here because it seems the first post in that line.

I'd be happy to hear about:

How did you manage to install the binaries related to the source package, but
only those that you need. Sort of.

I've myself be guided to the line:

`apt install -t experimental $(dpkg -l | grep 5.20.5 | awk '/^ii/ {print

And about pinning experimental with a low priority...

And also:

Do you feel that "Plasma 5.21.4" is working better when with "Frameworks

Or that, if I'm satisfied with Plasma-5.21.4, I shouldn't bother with

(Satisfied here is more a question of "how much" than of "yes or no". Certainly
there are plenty of things that are not performing the way they should. But
the feeling is that Wayland is more stable, more robust, faster: better in
every way that really matter. And no, the bells and whistles are not there
yet. And plenty of small things are crashing, but the desktop itself seems
dependable. And if something is not working with Wayland, you can expect
there'll be a fix someday.)


How do you manage installs and upgrades related to Experimental Framework and

What is you level of satisfaction about it?

Are you planing to keep on using them, until they come to unstable in a
distant future?

I don't suppose you are usually using experimental as your regular debian


Luc Castermans

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