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problem with debian Buster and debugging thread in Qt5

Dear All,


I am sending you this email because I encounter a problem with Debian Buster and default Qt5 package.

I installed packages below :

·        debian 10.8 x86_64 (amd64)

·        apt-get install build-essentials

·        apt-get install gdb

·        apt-get install qt5-default

·        apt-get install qtcreator


I have tried to debug an application which contains a thread with GBD but GDB stops when thread starts. I tried to build GDB with last sources but the problem still remains.

This problem doesn’t exist with Debian 9 with the same procedure of installation.

You can find a simple example which increments a counter in a thread every 500ms at the URL below https://pastebin.com/WegsL9vd.


Do you know if there is a way to solve this problem ?


Best regards

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