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Re: Screen randomly wakes up from standby / energy saving mode

inkbottle schrieb am Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2020 um 17:20:03 UTC+1:
> My screen randomly wakes up from standby

I have the same problem. It seems to happen since one oft the last upgrades. I'm running KDE from unstable (5.20.5).

One monitor went to sleep (and stands there) fine. The other monitor wakes up every minute. No logs in journalctl or dbus-monitor.

I also tried it with a new profile (other user). I already replaced the displayport cable. 

In sddm it works fine. But if I start "real" KDE it wakes up every minute randomly.

If I do
xrandr --output DP-1 --off
the monitor went to sleep and stays in sleep mode. After KDE(?) sends sleep to the monitor (after 10 minutes inactivity) the problematic monitor wakes up from sleep again :-(

Any ideas to debug this?


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