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Re: How to set this keyboard shortcut?

On 28.04.20 21:05, Helge Reimer wrote:
Am Dienstag, 28. April 2020, 18:46:19 CEST schrieb Marco Möller:

I would like to have this "Enable" button (or the functionality it
calls) to become triggered by a keyboard shortcut and would like to know
where and how to configure this shortcut.

Hi Marco,

go to Systemsettings -> Workspace - Shortcuts -> own Shortcuts.
Then select 'Edit -> new -> global Shortcut -> Command/Adress'
Set up your trigger and enter 'bluetoothctl power on' in the Action tab.
I tried it and it works. But no toggle.

This is great information. I now understand where and how to set the shortcut, Thanks a lot!
Danke, Helge!

The command itself is not working, though.
I tested the command interactively on a CLI as the user or with sudo and got with sub-command "devices" (and others) the error message: "No default controller available". The internet is full of questions about this and by now I could not find any good answer. There are suggestions that the problem would have been solved after a cold start (not simply a reboot), after driver re-installation, booting into Windows and back into Linux, and many more weird solutions.

BUT: if I use the mouse in order to trigger the button, then bluetooth becomes enabled or disabled without any problems, forth and back, repeatedly. And if it first becomes enabled by the mouse click on the button, then I also succeed on the CLI with the commands given as a user "bluetoothctl power off" and "bluetoothctl power on", forth and back, repeatedly, AND ALSO the keyboard shortcut works. Once I use the mouse for deactivating bluetooth by the button, then the bluetoothctl commands again fail with said error message.

So, there is obviously something more what this button is doing, before setting the power on and after setting the power off. It knows the magic trick how to activate/deactivate the communication with the the present hardware, something what according to my internet search only few people know about.

I will continue this topic now in a new thread, as the keyboard shortcut question is well answered, and finding all needed bluetooth controlling commands might better appear with a different subject line in its own thread.

Gruß! Marco.

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