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Re: Plasma 5.17.5 available in experimental


everything was upgraded smoothly. Everything seems to work.
Only problem is very small font in sddm login screen. (I did not
reboot, just restarted sddm service, so it may resolve after reboot)

Thank you very much for packages


Pino Toscano píše v Út 21. 01. 2020 v 06:37 +0100:
> Hi,
> as it was mentioned already in other threads on this list,
> Plasma 5.17.5 is available in experimental.
> Make sure you get plasma-desktop >= 4:5.17.5-2 and
> plasma-workspace >= 4:5.17.5-2, as they solve a number of update
> issues
> from testing. Also make sure that you pull *all* the Plasma bits from
> experimental, as I did not update all the requirements yet (including
> the kde-plasma-desktop metapackage, which is what you ought to have
> to
> get Plasma BTW). The only known issue at the moment is with
> kde-config-systemd, already tracked as bug #949318, and that will be
> fixed only when uploading Plasma 5.17 to unstable.
> In case of any issues please do report them *here* (on this debian-
> kde
> mailing list) for now.
> No ETA on upload to unstable.
> Thanks,

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