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Plasma 5.17.5 available in experimental


as it was mentioned already in other threads on this list,
Plasma 5.17.5 is available in experimental.

Make sure you get plasma-desktop >= 4:5.17.5-2 and
plasma-workspace >= 4:5.17.5-2, as they solve a number of update issues
from testing. Also make sure that you pull *all* the Plasma bits from
experimental, as I did not update all the requirements yet (including
the kde-plasma-desktop metapackage, which is what you ought to have to
get Plasma BTW). The only known issue at the moment is with
kde-config-systemd, already tracked as bug #949318, and that will be
fixed only when uploading Plasma 5.17 to unstable.

In case of any issues please do report them *here* (on this debian-kde
mailing list) for now.

No ETA on upload to unstable.

Pino Toscano

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