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Re: Something broke

Martin Steigerwald - 18.01.20, 13:33:35 CET:
> Rob Brewer - 18.01.20, 11:18:06 CET:
> > I am running up-to-date Sid and during the latest dist-upgrade kde
> > plasma fails to initialize correctly with symptoms similar to bug
> > #907301 (no system tray with task bar and no context menu of
> > desktop).
> Did you check whether apt dist-upgrade would remove packages before
> confirming it?
> Pino started uploading Plasma 5.17 packages. But I believe it is not
> yet complete.

Just for clarification: Pino uploaded almost all of the Plasma 5.17.5 
packages to experimental instead of unstable. Only two of them, those I 
initial saw, he uploaded to unstable. I don't expect these two, plasma-
browser-integration and breeze-grub, to break anything regarding Plasma 
5.14. As I understand how the thread continued the issue you reported 
has not been related to them.

I suggest waiting till the upload of Plasma 5.17 into unstable before 
upgrading. The upload to experimental I believe is also to sort out 
potential build or dependency issues that when trying to install the 
packages may break your Plasma desktop.


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