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Re: Something broke

Hi Rob.

Rob Brewer - 18.01.20, 11:18:06 CET:
> I am running up-to-date Sid and during the latest dist-upgrade kde
> plasma fails to initialize correctly with symptoms similar to bug
> #907301 (no system tray with task bar and no context menu of
> desktop).

Did you check whether apt dist-upgrade would remove packages before 
confirming it?

Pino started uploading Plasma 5.17 packages. But I believe it is not yet 

Always check carefully whether apt dist-upgrade would remove any 

Of course it may also be a bug due to mixed versions, although I thought 
versioned dependencies meanwhile would prevent this from happening. On 
the other hand it can be difficult to get this right, so…

You symptoms look like Plasma Shell can not start. What happens if you 
start "plasmashell" from a shell window? Are there any error messages? 
If so, please post them. You can use KRunner by pressing Alt-Space to 
start Plasma Shell, in case KRunner still runs on your desktop.

Also there may be something in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/user.log 
(in case you use Systemd).


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