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Re: Akonadiserver use too much memory after upgrade to Buster

Here is the screenshot taken this morning, we are already at 2G of memory usage : https://cloud.soungui.cm/s/MSX2tMo7FrGAdPr


Le jeudi 18 juillet 2019, 21:41:17 WAT Abba Soungui YOUNOUSS a écrit :

I just check with KSysguard: https://cloud.soungui.net/s/PmP84bxMB5WySfw.

Right now, it's low because I restarted the services few minutes ago. By the way, i'll will try to run fcsk and vacuum to see if it make things better.


Le jeudi 18 juillet 2019, 17:42:43 WAT Rainer Dorsch a écrit :
Hi Abba,

can you show how you measure memory usage?


Am Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019, 14:15:34 CEST schrieb Abba Soungui YOUNOUSS:
> Good morning,
> I have 2 computers which were running Stretch and have been upgraded to
> Buster recently. On both of them, I noticed an increase of memory usage
> (3-4 G) for the process akonadiserver. The only workaround that I've found
> till there, is to restart the service with akonadictl restart. It allow me
> to work peacefully for about a hour.
> Am I the only one? Is there an action needed after upgrade to Buster.

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