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Re: 18.08; imap.googlemail.com vs. imap.gmail.com; "akonadi resources for google services"


On Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2019 19:29:38 CEST Helge Reimer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 7. Mai 2019, 21:24:01 CEST schrieb Frank Mehnert:
> > I would like to ask again if someone is successfully using gmail with
> > XOAUTH2 for sending e-mails. I cannot imagine that nobody is using
> > kmail/Akonadi with gmail.
> Hello Frank,
> you have to go to 'https://myaccount.google.com/security' and grant access
> for your account to  'Akonadi Resources for Google Services' as a
> Third-Party-App. 'kaccounts-providers' is installed?

I have the access granted:

  "Akonadi Resources for Google Services" has access to Gmail

kaccounts-providers is already installed.

I removed the password from the Google SMTP account and tried to send an
e-mail using XOAUTH2. With SSL/TLS sending fails quite quickly with "server
closed connection". With STARTTLS it takes some time before it times out.
No dialog or web browser appears asking for any password.

As soon as I switch back to PLAIN then KDE asks for the password and after
providing it I was able to send the e-mail.

I wonder if the missing authentication dialog for XOAUTH2 is the problem and
how I can resolve it or how I can debug it.



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