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Re: 18.08; imap.googlemail.com vs. imap.gmail.com; "akonadi resources for google services"

Hi all,

On Freitag, 26. Oktober 2018 09:53:52 CEST Frank Mehnert wrote:
> [...]
> Now the problem remains that I still cannot sent E-mails using the XOAUTH2
> authentication so I'm still using PLAIN for that. If I try to use XOAUTH2
> then sending fails with "server closed connection" or something like that.
> Is anybody successfully using the XOAUTH2 authentication method for
> smtp.gmail.com?

I would like to ask again if someone is successfully using gmail with XOAUTH2
for sending e-mails. I cannot imagine that nobody is using kmail/Akonadi with



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