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Re: bluetooth, PA, annoying issues

El domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019 12:57:22 -03 inkbottle escribió:
> Since a fortnight or so, I have glitches with BT headset connection, which
> otherwise has worked flawlessly for a year or more.
> The connection is usually OK. However quite often, when I turn on the
> headset, the BT Plasma icon is changing its aspect as it should (adding 2
> small dots on each side), but the headset doesn't say "device connected",
> and the headset is not showing in PA available devices, and if I go in
> Settings/Bluetooth, the device is not trusted, and sometimes also not
> present at all (this latter part, in this situation, would even change
> within seconds). And there are also plenty of other things, anyway.
> The angle I would like to consider, is that the issue appeared together with
> a nice looking enhancement:

Well, I'm also seeing this. It also happen with GTK's blueman, but always 
inside a Plasma session. Sometime I need to reset the device in order to make 
it work.

But I doubt it's a Plasma-related thing, although I should do a better 

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