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Bug holding back kde-telepathy


I'm aware that it's too late for Buster, but I couldn't help but notice that 
the meta-package didn't make it into Stretch either, albeit for a different 
reason at the time.

The issue at the moment is that ktp-contact-list FTBFS with Qt 5.11 (#907231), 
but the patch there lets it build on my system. It seems that might've gone 
overlooked since the bug hasn't had activity in a while, so I'm sending a 
friendly ping on this.

Please let me know if there's any misunderstanding. I was interested in giving 
KDE Telepathy a spin, and my interest was caught by package descriptions with
> This package is not meant to be used standalone. It is recommended
>  to install the kde-telepathy metapackage instead.

I rolled a Buster-friendly metapackage with equivs that suffices for me, and am 
glad to be giving it a try.


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