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Re: Plasma black screen after systemd/udev 240-1 update

Il 23/12/18 17:23, Bob Weber ha scritto:
On 12/23/18 9:18 AM, luca pedrielli wrote:
my plasma session in sid/vbox stops to work(black screen) after systemd/udev 240-1 update.

holding systemd/udev 239-15 version works.

My debian unstable vm (using qemu) also had problems with the upgrade to udev 240-1.  It would eventually come around and display konsole but only after about a minute of high CPU usage and no plasma logo.  I downgraded just udev to 239-15 but I had the same response... high CPU usage and long wait.  Only after downgrading systemd to 239-15 restored the system with plasma logo displayed and short wait after login.





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