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Re: #887495, cupsd not finding printer, KDE plays a role here

On 2018-10-11, Marc Haber <mh+debian-kde@zugschlus.de> wrote:
> However, it looks like KDE plays a role in the issue: Log out of KDE,
> log in with a different desktop environment, retry the print job, and
> see CUPS work. Log out of the different desktop environment, log in to
> KDE, try printing, see CUPS still work.

It could also be "different desktop environment" doing something that
maybe Plasma also should do.

I'm assuming it is the exact same way you try to do printing when it
succeeds or doesn't. (as in. Okular in all cases, or firefox in all
cases or ...)

I think print-manager contains the gui bits that lets you handle a
printer in a plasma desktop, but I don't think it tries to set anything
up on login.

Other possibilities, but this is more like guessing/brainstorming:
 - cups has some kind of security pattern where you need to register
   specifically with logind / policykit in order to get printer access
 - cups has some subservices that needs to be invoked in a special way
   (dbus activation of some sorts) that for some reason doesn't happen
   in your case until you visit with other-desktop.

But this is just throwing random pointers in random directions.


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