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#887495, cupsd not finding printer, KDE plays a role here


I would like to point your kind attention to #887495, an issue in CUPS
that was first reported half a year ago. Sadly, the CUPS maintainers
didn't bother to do anything visible.

The issue is that cups accept a print job and the complains in the
webinterface that it cannot find the printer, and succests that
cups-browsed my be the issue. In my thinking, this is an issue as far
away from the Desktop as I can imagine.

However, it looks like KDE plays a role in the issue: Log out of KDE,
log in with a different desktop environment, retry the print job, and
see CUPS work. Log out of the different desktop environment, log in to
KDE, try printing, see CUPS still work.

I do not have the slightest idea which component of KDE may play a role
in this, hence I am only carrying this to a mailing list instead of
reassigning the bug report.


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